The Civil War & Mount Auburn Cemetery

September 1, 2013

Mount Auburn has many ties to the Civil War including the 900+ individuals buried or memorialized here who fought or served in non-combatant roles.  Additionally the writers, artists and businessmen buried at Mount Auburn made significant contributions during that time period related to the war.  Also, a number of monuments here help to tell the story of the Civil War.  

The Heroes

Civil War Colonels
Civil War Generals
Civil War Nurses 

The Battles & those who fought them

Battle of Williamsburg
Battle of Fredericksburg 
Battle of Gettysburg
The Second Battle of Fort Wagner

The Monuments

The Sphinx
Shaw Monument
First Corps of Cadets

The Stories

Battle Hymn of the Republic Published
Oliver Wendell Holmes Searches for his Wounded Son
Emancipation Proclamation Celebrations & Reactions
Longfellow writes “Christmas Bells”
Decoration Day Celebrated 


Civil War Preservation Project (2013)
Civil War Preservation Project (2014)


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