The Greenhouses are Green!

March 24, 2014
GH pansies

Pansies in the greenhouses, March 2014.

The Horticulture Department recently completed the 2013 Plant Collections Analysis report – an 88 page document containing discussions of horticultural initiatives as well as detailed plant collections statistics (a copy is available to read at the visitor’s desk in Storey Chapel). We also just accessioned our first plant of 2014: an apple tree cultivar named ‘Flower of Kent’ (aka: Isaac Newton’s Apple Tree). In a few years time maybe we can get struck with inspiration while standing under it!


A great piece of news is that we are fully moved into the 9,600 square foot greenhouse facility and are in full plant-production mode. This year are growing 16,000 plants for our annual care, perpetual care and corporation flowerbeds. Along with that, we are propagating nearly 10,000 groundcover plants as well as hundreds of woody plants (shrubs and trees) from seed and cuttings. If you are beginning to feel like spring will never arrive then come visit and get an early dose of greenery!


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