The Song Sparrow

January 15, 2014

February is a cruel month, some days we get a tease of warm air and sunshine and the next day we get a foot of snow, we are lucky that it is the shortest month. February is much like January for the birds at Mount Auburn, not much happens. One bird that seems to understand that March is soon to arrive and that better weather is just around the corner is the Song Sparrow. Song Sparrows can be found at MountAuburn in every month of the year though only a few can be found from December through early March. At this time of the year they can be seen foraging on bare ground often with White-throated Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos.

Song Sparrows are aptly named, they sing throughout the year, though less frequently in the winter and the winter song may be different from the summer song.  It is at this time of the year that the Song Sparrow starts to get pumped up- you will hear its song, softly at first, then as we reach mid-month, about Valentines Day the Song Sparrow sings a bit longer and a bit louder we know that love is in the air and spring is really on its way

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