Verification of Burial and/or Cremation

October 12, 2011

Burials and cremations within the Cemetery are confirmed free of charge. Burial or cremation records include the following information:

  • Date of cremation or burial
  • Name as it appears in Cemetery’s records
  • Age at time of death as reported to Cemetery
  • Lot, grave, crypt, or niche number if buried at Mount Auburn
  • Location of lot, grave, crypt, or niche including name of closest road or path


To verify a burial or cremation, please visit our store and fill out the name of the deceased (first, middle, last) and approximate date of death. You will not be charged during checkout, but please fill out your shipping address and contact information so that we can mail the verification.

To order by mail, please print and mail this form.

Please allow up to thirty days for research requests.



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