Wildlife at Mount Auburn

December 7, 2011

A world-renowned arboretum, Mount Auburn’s diversity of plantings contribute to its attractiveness for birds and other animals.  Trees and shrubs flower throughout the year – yielding fruits, berries, nuts, seeds and insects that offer a variety of foods to migrant and resident birds and to populations of animals including squirrel, rabbit, woodchuck, skunk, opossum, and raccoon (pictured).

Learn more about Mount Auburn wildlife at our interactive kiosk, in the east alcove of the Egyptian Revival Gateway!  Our kiosk is designed to introduce visitors to Mount Auburn’s many interesting facets – through text, images, sound clips, and even video.  Try the Wildlife section of the kiosk to learn more about the year-round residents that call Mount Auburn home and the locations within the Cemetery where they are most likely to be seen.  Then, test your knowledge with the wildlife quiz to see if you can identify which animals leave behind certain clues in the landscape.    

With generous support from the Anthony J. and Mildred D. Ruggiero Memorial Trust we are now able to share an amazing wealth of information – not only the stories of those buried and commemorated here, but also about the horticulture, art, architecture, and wildlife that make the Cemetery so unique.  Perhaps the most practical application of the kiosk is the ability for visitors to look up the locations of friends and loved ones buried here and then print out a map highlighting the exact location within the Cemetery.  Please stop by and try the kiosk for yourself.

Photo by Alberto Parker, Mount Auburn Cemetery Security.

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