Recent Wildlife Sightings

April 28, 2014

We will post continually updated listings of the wildlife sighted within Mount Auburn. This list is generated by the scores of visitors who record their sightings on the Bird Sightings Chalkboard (located in our Egyptian Revival Gatehouse)*.

Please click ‘# more’ to see an expanded listing of each day’s sightings.

*Our Bird Sightings Board is comprised of user-generated content. Though we try our best to verify that each bird listed can in fact be found at Mount Auburn, human error and the whims of migration prevent us from guaranteeing any sighting.

For additional birding resources, including our Checklist of the Birds of Mount Auburn, see our Birder’s Guide to Mount Auburn.

For up-to-the minute sightings, follow us on Twitter – @MountAuburnCem

If you see a bird at Mount Auburn that is not on this list, please leave a comment on this post or contact us at

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