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Every year, we undertake a wide variety of special projects and initiatives to help Mount Auburn thrive. Learn more below and help support our work!

Horticulture & Urban Ecology
Arts at Mount Auburn


Woman planting purple flowers

You can help us keep our landscape beautiful and sustainable for everyone. Mount Auburn is an accredited arboretum and botanical garden, featuring a nationally-significant collection of more than 5,000 trees and 10,000 shrubs and groundcover plants. It is also a vital wildlife refuge and a living laboratory for scientists and educators studying how best to support the species who depend on this urban ecosystem.

Current projects you can support: 

Indian Ridge Habitat Restoration – donate here

Ecological Education and Biodiversity Studies – donate here

Consecration Dell Restoration – donate here

David P. Barnett Fund for Horticulture & Urban Ecology – donate here

Two men repairing a historic fence around a monumentWhen you walk around Mount Auburn, you are surrounded by the evolving history of funerary art. Our diverse collection of monuments is the reason for so much of our landscape’s beauty, educational value, and historical significance. You can help us preserve these unique monuments by supporting our staff’s daily work across Mount Auburn, or by making a gift to one of our specific upcoming projects.

Current projects you can support: 

The William C. Clendaniel Preservation Fund – donate here

Simon Antranighian Monument Creation – donate here

Washington Tower Preservation


Woman sitting on a bench in a garden painting.

You can help continue Mount Auburn’s long tradition of inspiring art and creativity. Since its founding, visitors have experienced our landscape as an outdoor museum and place for inspiration, as well as a place of burial. From public programs to our Artist Residency, we continue to support the creation of new work every year.

Current projects you can support: 

Artist-in-Residence – donate here


For further information, please contact:

Beth A. Brown, Vice President of Institutional Advancement

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