August 1, 2011

It is no wonder that Mount Auburn welcomes so many visitors each May.  Flowering dogwoods, crabapples, lilacs, and azaleas are just some of what is on display.  If you’ve never been to the Cemetery, now is the time to make your first visit!

What’s In Bloom: May

Hundreds of blooming trees, shrubs, and perennial plants make May an extraordinary time to visit Mount Auburn. Here are some of the May blooming plants that you can expect to find throughout our landscape:

Please remember that nature is unpredictable and that this blooming schedule is only a guide. A late spring can delay blooming by as much as two weeks. Depending on location within the Cemetery, some plants of the same variety may bloom up to several weeks apart.

Horticulture Highlights: May

Learn more about the plants that make our May landscape so special.

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