Burial Space

Mount Auburn Cemetery is committed to providing elegant and tranquil burial space in harmony with our landscape. Burial space options include conventional casket graves, natural burial graves, and space for the burial of cremated remains, with a range of memorial styles.

Conventional casket, natural, and cremation burial graves are available throughout the Cemetery grounds, from our shaded historic core to more contemporary and open areas. Each burial space has an assigned capacity (number of burials allowed) and specified type of memorialization, which varies by location.

When a grave is designed, it is assigned a specific type of memorialization depending on where it is located. Important criteria in determining appropriate memorialization for a grave include harmony with the existing landscape and future horticultural plans for an area.

Conventional Casket

Conventional Casket

A single conventional casket grave typically accommodates two caskets, provided that the first is buried extra deep, and require the use of a liner. Companion graves accommodating up to four caskets are also available. Graves allow for a private marker or include shared memorialization.

Cremated Remains

Cremated Remains

Some cremation graves are designed for individual use and typically have shared memorialization, while others allow for multiple burials or have private markers.  Cremated remains may be buried in an urn, a biodegradable container, or poured directly into the earth.

Natural Burial

Natural Burial

Natural burial is the burial of an unembalmed body in a biodegradable container, such as a shroud or simple pine box. Graves are purchased singly or in pairs, and may be unmarked, have shared memorialization, or allow a flush marker. These graves do not use a liner and are single depth.

Private Markers

Private Markers

The use of flush markers allows us to seamlessly integrate new private memorials into our historic landscape while preserving Mount Auburn’s existing balance of art and nature.

Shared Memorialization

Shared Memorialization

Nestled in scenic locations throughout the grounds, shared monuments in various sizes and forms provide permanent rights of inscription for a collective of nearby unmarked graves.



Graves sold without any permanent memorialization have the least impact on our landscape. Small metal tags mark the graves but tend to become grown over as time goes by.

Current Offerings

Mount Auburn's current burial space offerings include various configurations of burial and memorialization types. Offerings are based on availability and pricing is subject to change.


  • Single Grave with a Private Marker: $25,000 - $100,000
  • Companion Grave with a Private Marker: starting at $100,00


  • Single Grave with Shared Memorialization: $3,500 - $10,000 per person
  • Grave for 2+ people with Private Marker: starting at $25,000


  • Unmarked Grave: $9,000 - $20,000
  • Grave with Shared Memorialization: $15,000 - $30,000
  • Grave with Private Marker: $25,000 - $100,000

What Does Your Purchase Include?

When you purchase burial space at Mount Auburn, you are securing rights of interment and memorialization within Mount Auburn's landmark landscape. Each space is designated with a capacity (the total number of burials allowed) and a specific form of memorialization appropriate to the location. Mount Auburn retains ownership of the land and is responsible for maintaining the landscape as well as assisting you and future generations of family with the administration of all burial and memorialization rights. These rights and other details are spelled out in a Grant of Interment Right provided to each purchaser, or Grantee, once payment is made in full.

Not included in the purchase of space are the fees for the burial of a casket, natural burial, or cremated remains; and depending on the type of space purchased, the fees for inscription on a shared memorial or fees for the setting of a private marker. Please note that Mount Auburn does not sell private markers.

Annual care or perpetual care of additional plantings may be allowed in some areas at an additional cost, and we also offer perpetual care for private monuments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mount Auburn's payment terms?

Payment may be made in full at time of purchase, but we also offer pre-need time sale agreements. Typically, agreements require a 20% to 30% or $6,000 down payment, whichever is greater, and may extend over 10, 20, or 30 months depending on the purchase amount. Interest or other fees may apply to time sales.

Can I use my grave before it is paid off?

Yes. Burials may take place before burial space is paid in full. The installation of a marker or the completion of any inscriptions, however, cannot take place until the completion of your time sale arrangement. An outstanding balance may be paid off at any time without penalty.

What happens if I change my mind about my purchase?

Graves may be returned to us for the same price you paid. Transfer fees may apply. Alternately, under Massachusetts law, your heirs automatically inherit any unused rights of burial in a space that you have purchased.

What is shared memorialization?

Shared memorialization is the practice of gathering the names of several individuals onto a central stone, wall, or other monument near their places of burial. It is essentially a directory listing of those people, who have all purchased space separately and are not necessarily related to one another.

What are the environmental impacts of the different burial types?

Great question! There’s a lot of discussion on this topic but little rigorous scientific comparison. Mount Auburn recently received funding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to answer this important question. We’re just starting that work now and look forward to being able to share our results in the future.

What happens on a sales tour?

Purchasing burial space happens during a private consultation with a member of our Cemetery Sales department. Your meeting will begin with a discussion of what options are available at that time, and you’ll go over any questions you might have. You’ll then be taken around the grounds (in a Cemetery vehicle) to look at available locations. If you are ready to purchase immediately after your tour, paperwork can be prepared at that point. Many people need a little time to consider their choice. The only way to “reserve” a grave is to purchase it, so future availability is not promised beyond your tour date.

How do I set up a sales tour?

We are actively scheduling pre-need tours but have a substantial waiting list. You will be contacted in the order your original inquiry was received. To ensure you are added to our list, please complete one of the forms below.

Contact Us

Are you ready to explore options for securing burial space at Mount Auburn? The sales process begins by completing a burial space inquiry form. Please submit the form from the options below for the type of burial most of interest to you so that we can send you information tailored to that choice.

Our sales staff will contact you with additional information about the sales process and will later assist you with the scheduling of an in-person tour to explore current offerings.

If your family has suffered a recent loss or is expecting a death more imminently, please call the Cemetery's office at 617-547-7105 for more immediate assistance.