Friends of Mount Auburn 

By making a gift at any Perennial Circle or Laurel Circle level, you join the Friends of Mount Auburn, our community of loyal members and generous donors. Mount Auburn Cemetery depends on the Friends of Mount Auburn to help keep our 175 acres of green space, monuments, buildings, gardens, and collections vibrant and well-cared-for, and to support our beloved educational programming and arts events. We invite you to join the Friends of Mount Auburn, to ensure that what’s meaningful to you here is thriving now and into the future! 


As a Friend of Mount Auburn, you’ll recognize that there are many wonderful parts of Mount Auburn Cemetery that make up the treasured whole.  

Mount Auburn is a garden cemetery of exceptional beauty; it is also an arboretum and landscape of cultural and horticultural significance; it’s an outdoor museum of art, monuments, and architecture; a National Historical Landmark; a 175-acre habitat for native and migratory wildlife; and a cherished greens pace providing respite from hectic urban life. Mount Auburn is all of this, which makes it a place of solace and inspiration for everyone who visits. 

By joining the Friends of Mount Auburn, you can help sustain the natural beauty and rich history of Mount Auburn. 

For further information, please contact: 

Christopher Moore 
Annual Giving Manager 
+1 781 421 7828