Temporary tributes are a meaningful way to remember those important to you. Families and visitors planning to visit a grave are welcome to leave tributes that adhere to our Tribute Policies. For those who cannot plan a visit, Mount Auburn also offers seasonal floral tributes which are arranged and placed by Mount Auburn's own horticulture team.

Floral Tributes

Tributes made of natural plant material may be left graveside at any time of year to remember a loved one when you visit. In most areas, Mount Auburn provides and installs one metal flower vase, set flush with the turf, following an in-ground burial for your use. Due to safety concerns, other permanently installed vases or fixtures are not allowed.

All tributes are removed when they become unsightly or during routine area maintenance. These regulations support our value of environmental stewardship by helping to preserve the landscape and ensure the safety of staff, wildlife, and visitors.

Mount Auburn is not responsible for the safekeeping of any items left in the landscape. It is not advised to leave items of sentimental or monetary value. Once removed, these items cannot be retrieved.

Permitted natural items include:

  • Unwrapped bouquets or single stem flowers
  • Potted plants in a small (up to 8” wide) disposable container or basket, limit 3 per monument*
  • Winter Months Only: Natural evergreens and/or dried plant material (wreaths, baskets, and sprays) that are appropriate to the winter holiday season

*Some areas, including those with shared memorials, have special regulations and may not allow these Tribute items. Please contact us if you are not certain about the regulations in your area.

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:

  • Balloons
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Rocks and seashells
  • Photos and cards
  • Toys
  • Candles and lanterns
  • Anything containing batteries
  • Food

Mount Auburn reserves the right to immediately remove items that are prohibited. These items become litter or pose a serious safety risk when left in the landscape.

Other Guidelines:

Tributes may only be set on the ground. Adhesives, like tape, and wedging items into crevices will cause damage to monuments and structures. Do not attach anything to the surface of a crypt, niche, or monument, and do not insert anything into the crevices between crypt panels.

All in-ground planting must be done by Mount Auburn’s Horticulture staff. To find out if in-ground planting is available for your grave location, please contact our client relations team at 617-607-2424 or email


During designated periods, flags are also permitted as an approved tribute. Flags are currently permitted during celebrations of Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Veterans’ Day and will be removed the following week.

Tribute Calendar

There are at least four times annually when ALL tributes are removed: approximately the first week of February, mid-April, the second week of June, and the first week of October. Items will be removed throughout the week during these clean-up times. Please see our current Tribute calendar for actual dates.

Seasons of Remembrance

Three times a year, Mount Auburn offers those who cannot visit in person the opportunity to remember a loved one with seasonal flower arrangements. Our current program includes offerings for the Spring Season, Memorial Day, and the Winter holidays.

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Cemetery Hours

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