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Mount Auburn is an active cemetery providing service and care to families of all faiths.

For more information on our cemetery services and associated costs please visit our Burial Space information page, email us, or call us, and a member of our staff will contact you.


For genealogical research inquiries, please see our Genealogical Resources or email us.


Burial Space

Mount Auburn is committed to providing elegant, tranquil, and environmentally-sensitive burial space now and well into the future. Burial space options include conventional casket graves, natural burial graves, and space for the burial of cremated remains, and accommodate a wide range of memorial styles. With features like reflection pools, woodland gardens, or scenic overlooks, today's offerings reflect the Cemetery's founding principle that nature helps to console the bereaved and inspire the living. 

In the years since the arrival of Covid-19, Mount Auburn has seen an unprecedented interest in the purchase of burial space. While we fully encourage end-of-life planning before it becomes a necessity, our available inventory of graves has become depleted. In order to better serve all of the people who come to us for burial space purchase, whether "pre-need" or "at-need," we have temporarily suspended "pre-need" burial space tours during the winter months to ensure that we have spaces available for those with immediate or imminent needs and to give us time to replenish our inventory for everyone. We appreciate your patience during this hiatus and would be glad to contact you by email when pre-need tours are available again. To add your name to the list of those to be contacted, please fill out the form below.

If you have an immediate need for burial space (a death has occurred), or if you or a family member are facing an imminent need (likelihood of needing a space in the near-term), please call the main office at 617 547-7105 or email Learn More »


In 1897 Mount Auburn began the first crematory in New England to be operated by a cemetery. The first cremation took place on April 18, 1900. In the succeeding years, over 60,000 cremations have been performed. Today, the Cemetery performs 1,200 cremations each year.

Mount Auburn has recently completed an ambitious and exciting project to build a new, state-of-the-art Crematory adjacent to Bigelow Chapel.

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Commemorate a Life

With its harmonious combination of natural beauty and thoughtfully designed built structures, Mount Auburn Cemetery is an ideal place for reflection and remembrance. Mount Auburn's services include the setting of new private memorials, the completion of inscriptions on Cemetery-owned shared markers, and the installation of temporary memorial plaques. Learn More »

Ongoing Care and Maintenance

We understand that grieving does not end on the day of interment. An interment site is a kind of sanctuary, a place for friends and family to mourn, remember and celebrate a loved one. We work together with you to ensure that the site continues to be beautifully maintained now and into the future. Learn More »

We Remember Them

As a place of commemoration and consolation, Mount Auburn provides several opportunities for remembering all of those we have loved and lost.  Learn more about our annual remembrance events, our floral tribute program, and our online memory pages.

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