Sweet Auburn, Winter 1999

Sweet Auburn Winter 1999

Inside this Issue…

Family Lot Enclosures by Janet Heywood
A brief history of iron and granite lot enclosures at Mount Auburn.

Iron Lot Enclosures: A Closer Look by Kathleen Dery Fahey
Fahey details the design and material options for nineteenth century iron lot enclosures, and explains why they fell out of favor.

Dredging and Landscaping at Auburn Lake by David Barnett
Barnett, Mount Auburn’s Director of Horticulture, details the dredging and landscaping of Auburn Lake. Building upon Shary Page Berg’s (author of Mount Auburn’s Master Plan) historical analysis, the Cemetery endeavored to restore Auburn Lake to a more ecologically-, historically-, and aesthetically-sound landscape. Aquatic Control Technology, Inc., the Watertown Conservation Commission, the Halverson Company, and Christopher Leahy consulted on the project.

Biographical Note: Moses Kimball (1809-1895) by Janet Heywood
Kimball, founder of the Boston Museum and member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, is buried with his family at the corner of Excelsior and Celasthrus paths.

Cast-iron Gates returned; Torrey monument conserved