Register for Public Events

Register for Public Events
February 26, 2024

Upcoming Public Events


First Saturday of Every Month, 1 PM
Discover Mount Auburn Introductory Walking Tour
These docent-led 1.5-mile walking tour will focus on stories of history, monuments, and the lives of those buried here.
Saturday, March 2 [Sold Out]Saturday, April 6
Saturday, May 4
Saturday, June 1
Saturday, July 6

Forest Bathing: A Mindful Nature Experience
Stefanie Haug (LICSW) will guide our Forest Bathing experience including simple warm-up movements, a natural history of the area, guided breathing and centering awareness, mindful walking with sensory activities, and finding a nature meditation/sit spot. 
Saturday, April 20, 1 PM
Sunday, August 11, 10 AM
Saturday, September 14, 1 PM
Saturday, October 19, 10 AM

Community Connections Walks
Join guest guide, Stefanie Haug LICSW, for a series of theme-based Community Connection Walks. Each walk includes nature-based mindfulness practices and space to listen and share what may arise around the theme of our walk.
Sunday, April 21 at 10:00-11:30am: Elderhood
Sunday, Aug 11 at 1:00pm-2:30pm: Elderhood
Saturday, Sep 14 at 10:00-11:30am: Navigating Loss
Saturday Oct 19 at 1:00-2:30pm: Navigating Loss

Morning Writes
Lead by Mount Auburn Cemetery Public Events Producer, Julie-Anne Whitney, Morning Writes is an informal writing time and a chance to meet up with other creative thinkers. Each session will begin with a few writing prompts to get you started, followed by 30-40 minutes of writing time. 
Saturday, June 15, 10 AM
Saturday, August 17, 10 AM
Saturday, September 21, 10 AM


Floral Tribute Regulations

Floral Tribute Regulations
December 1, 2023

Tribute Guidelines

To remember and honor a loved one when you visit, tributes made of natural plant material may be left graveside. Tributes will be removed for you when they become unsightly or during area maintenance. These regulations support our Vision of environmental stewardship by helping to preserve the landscape and ensure the safety of staff, wildlife, and visitors.


Current Hours

Current Hours
November 3, 2023

The Cemetery grounds are open to all visitors 8 AM – 5 PM every day.  Please see below for information regarding specific buildings and amenities.


Cornelia Wells Walter: Author of Mount Auburn Illustrated, 1847

Cornelia Wells Walter: Author of Mount Auburn Illustrated, 1847
February 15, 2024

Caption for above image: Cornelia Walter (Mrs. William B. Richards), oil on canvas by Thomas Ball, ca. 1850. Courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Cornelia Wells Walter (1813-1898), the author of one of Mount Auburn’s earliest guidebooks Mount Auburn Illustrated, stands out as a formidable woman’s voice in mid-nineteenth-century Boston. In 1843 at age 29, Walter became editor of the Boston Evening Transcript, the city’s daily afternoon paper.[1] She is considered the first woman in the country to be editor of a major newspaper. Walter assumed the role after the death of her brother Lynde Walter, the paper’s former editor with whom she shared an affectionate bond.[2]


Blockbuster Electronics Recycling Event 2024

Blockbuster Electronics Recycling Event 2024
February 14, 2024

Today’s consumer electronics such as computers, cell phones, radios and TVs rely on electronic manufacturing technology that utilizes many metals and hazardous chemicals; therefore, it is important to recycle electronic items responsibly.  Mount Auburn has hosted an annual electronics recycling program open to staff and the community every January since 2012. 

Once the collected items are transported to the Northeast Material Handling facility the process includes sorting, dismantling, mechanical separation, and recovery of valuable materials.  Materials rescued in the recycling process such as gold, copper, glass and aluminum can be returned to the supply chain and used again, thus reducing the need to mine expensive raw materials through environmentally destructive methods, and therefore significantly reducing carbon emissions.  For every ton of e-waste collected and recycled; 1.44 tons of CO2 emissions are avoided.

This year we collected a whopping 17,853 lbs of discarded electronics.  Five hundred households dropped off their electronics over the three hours on a warm January morning.  One participant commented “Thanks for both putting on the event and helping me check off one of my resolutions right out of the gates this year!!”

Thanks to our Mount Auburn team who quickly and efficiently managed the large turn-out.  Save the date for January of next year for our 2025 event!

2024 Collected Items

AC / Dehumidifiers94
Co-mingled Materials1,283 lbs
Alkaline Batteries249 lbs
Lithium Batteries32 lbs
Nicad Batteries32 lbs
Lead Acid Batteries29 lbs
Total17,853 lbs