New Pedestrian Gates Coming Soon

December 1, 2023

Starting in November and thanks to a donation from a generous family in our neighborhood, we will begin work to add four new pedestrian gates along Mount Auburn Street, as well as opening an existing gate on Coolidge Ave. These four new entrances, advantageously spaced on either side of the current main gate and close to MBTA stops, and a fifth near a vibrant neighborhood will provide more open and welcoming walk-in entrances for people visiting from the surrounding communities and provide safer entrances away from the vehicle entrances at our main gates.

New Pedestrian Gates

Work installing these gates and accompanying walkways is underway. Each of the gates along Mount Auburn Street will include a custom leaf shape. Tree leaves to be included are a White Oak, American Elm, Gingko, and Sugar Maple – all iconic trees of Mount Auburn. These permanent iron gates will be installed in March 2024.

Thank you for your support! If you are a member of our community who loves to visit Mount Auburn we are grateful for donations from people like you who help make improvements like this possible.

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