A Trail Map of Massachusetts Gardens

September 25, 2013

Massachusetts boasts some of the oldest and most beautiful gardens in the country. The cool-temperate climate is highly favorable to a wide variety of plants of ornamental and economic value, many indigenous to the state or region. Botanic gardens, which display these plants with their proper scientific names, have long been a treasured resource for residents of the Commonwealth, who look to public gardens as a source of beauty and inspiration as well as information on how to create and maintain their own gardens.

In Massachusetts, 10 botanic gardens located across the state have joined forces to make it easier for visitors to discover them. The launch of massbotanicgardens.org empowers visitors with all the tools needed to plan an excellent trip: site information, photographs, directions, and visiting hours to each of these horticultural gems.

The gardens themselves are as unique as the different niches they occupy. Participants include:

…and, of course, Mount Auburn Cemetery!
For visitors, tourists, and locals alike, the garden revolution is upon us: Massachusetts is full of natural beauty, manipulated by human hands, through the art and science of gardening. Discover these botanical garden gems at massbotanicgardens.org and visit a public garden today!

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