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April 1, 2014

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It is incredibly useful to be aware of our basic rules and visitor amenities as you plan your visit to the Cemetery.  If you’d like additional guidance on how to explore Mount Auburn, visit our Activities for Children page for a list of suggestions and activities.


There is no visitor parking lot at the Cemetery. Rather, we allow visitors to park on any road that isn’t painted with a green line. Please try to keep all of your car’s wheels on pavement, though. You might consider driving further into the Cemetery to park before you begin your adventure.

The best way to see Mount Auburn is on foot so make sure you are wearing your walking shoes.  We have miles of paved roads, which are perfect for pushing baby strollers.  If you can, we encourage you to explore our walking paths.

It is very handy to know that Mount Auburn has only one set of public restrooms, which are located next to Story Chapel near the Entrance. There is a public water fountain by the restrooms, too.

Mount Auburn is picturesque: bring sketchpads, pencils, or crayons so that your children can capture their visit. Or, encourage older children to document their visit with a camera or smartphone.

There are hundreds of varieties of trees, shrubs, and plants to be found throughout the landscape. You’re also very likely to encounter many different species of wildlife.  If you have any, bring your field guides with you to help you identify some of what you see.


It is important to remember that Mount Auburn is a place where people come to honor and remember the dead. That is why there are certain rules here.  Being respectful means no bicycling through the Cemetery and no climbing on monuments or trees.

We do not allow picnicking on the grounds. We encourage you to have a snack before you get here or plan to grab a bite at one of the nearby eateries after you leave. If a snack is a must, please bring something portable and find a bench where you can sit to refuel. There are no trash cans on the grounds, so please carry out whatever you carry in.

For your own safety as well as that of the animals, please keep a safe distance from any wildlife that you encounter.


Involving your children in the planning of your visit will make it an even more rewarding experience for all. Review our list of suggested activities and ask them what seems most interesting.

Mount Auburn is 175 acres.  You won’t be able to see everything in a single visit. Having a general idea what areas you want to visit (the Tower, Consecration Dell, etc.) will help you make the most out of the time you do have to spend here. Review our map to see some of the areas with major kid appeal.



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